You may want to rethink the spicy food if you plan on having oral sex. Here’s why.

The Pitfalls of Spicy Food and Oral Sex! (It's Not Just Bad Breath)

So, it’s date night. You want to impress. Taking a lover to a nice restaurant is always a nice treat. But, maybe, if you think you have a chance of getting lucky, and are inclined towards oral pleasure, you might want to skip the Mexican and Indian restaurants in favor of more bland fare.

It is true that spicy food increases sexual desire. In a 2011 article in The State Hornet, reporter Brittany Bradley and Dr. Diana Hoppe, author of “Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You,” explain that spicy foods contain capsaicin. Bradley writes, “Eating foods that contain capsaicin release adrenalin, which in turn releases endorphins. These chemicals contribute to a feel-good sensation that can create a, eh em, happy feeling. It's also great for your metabolism, making you feel sexy about what you’re eating, increasing confidence and yep, making you want to do the deed.”

However, scientists and doctors alike warn that capsaicin can be stored in ones’ mouth for quite some time. When your mouth comes in contact with a lover’s genitals, the capsaicin can easily be transferred and the tingling, burning sensation your guy feels will most likely not be pleasure. Your habanero peach chutney might just cause your boyfriend to spend some time cooling off their nether region.

Simple solution…I will just go brush my teeth and use mouthwash!

Not so fast there bucko…

The current rule of thumb is to wait at least two hours before or after oral sex to brush your teeth and use mouthwash. In a Chicago Now article titled “Oral Sex and the Risk of HIV and STIs,” writer Just Joey gives us some sobering food for thought. "DO NOT brush your teeth, floss or use mouthwash two hours before or after oral sex. The reason for this is that you are creating cuts, abrasions and inflammation of your gums. These open portals create a welcome mat for bacteria such as Gonorrhea to enter your system. Even mouthwash, with its burning action, can create inflammation of the gums which allows bacteria to enter easier.”

So, it seems spicy food might be a double edged sword. On the one hand, it increases libido. On the other hand, it creates a few precarious concerns. Maybe I will get the roasted chicken and baked potato instead.