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Finding And Enjoying The Male “P-Spot”

Men, it’s time to discover that wonderful erogenous zone known as the male G-spot, or in this case the “P-spot.” The prostate gland is roughly the size of a walnut, and is responsible for secreting a protective fluid for sperm that is expelled with the body during ejaculation in the form of semen. However, when stimulated properly it is also responsible for triggering highly intense orgasms.  Unlike the female equivalent, it’s also relatively easy to find.  Whether you explore it on your own, or with a partner, the prostate can become your new secret weapon when it comes to getting off!

Why Does My Boyfriend's Penis Stink?!!

Telling your BF his penis smells can be a hard conversation to have, but you shouldn’t have to suffer through it. Here’s what might causing your boyfriends penis to smell, what to do about it, and the best way to bring it up.

The Pitfalls of Spicy Food and Oral Sex! (It's Not Just Bad Breath)

You may want to rethink the spicy food if you plan on having oral sex. Here’s why.

Here’s What You Need to Know about HIV and Getting Tested

HIV is a serious condition and it’s important to protect yourself. Learn all about HIV, getting tested and how to protect yourself.

Bringing Up Condoms - 5 Helpful Ideas (From Hot Shirtless Hunks)!

Condoms are SO important. Yet bringing them up can be awkward, scary, and a mood killer. We have some ideas to help you bring up condoms and keep you safe from HIV and other STIs.