This everything you ever want and need to know about anal douching. Learn how and where to do it as well as what kind of douches there are and how it can bring you, and your top, peace of mind.

Beginners' Guide: Anal Douching

Why Douche?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to anal douche you might be wondering “why do I need to douche?” The most important thing that anal douching does it gets you clean. How embarrassing would it be to leave poop on someone’s Johnson? But there are many other benefits of douching, it can make you more comfortable as a bottom. Douching also makes the experience of anal sex flow better and will give you, and your top, peace of mind.


Picking the Right Douche

Now that you know why you should anal douche the next thing you need to do is get one. There are two major types of anal douches, bulb douches and shower douches. Bulb douches have a chamber, or bulb, which is filled with water then the tip is inserted into the rectum and you squeeze the bulb. Shower douches connect to your showers head. There is no right douche it’s all about what you prefer. Click here to browse through the dozens of douches we have at AdamMale and find the one that’s right for you.


Using a Bulb Douche

1. First make sure you are close to a toilet because you are going to need one.

2. Before you begin thoroughly clean your douche with your favorite sex toy cleanser.   


3. Unscrew the bulb from the base and fill it with water. You can use tap water from the sink but make sure it is mildly warm. If the water is too hot it can burn your hole and do some major damage, if it’s too cold can be a very unpleasant shock to the system. Be sure not to use anything but water because that will cause major irritation!

4. Screw the tip back on the bulb then lubricate the tip, and yourself, well. We recommend water-based lube because it is compatible with most materials.


5. Insert the tip into your rectum. You only need to go about 2/3 of an inch in, however if you want to put the tip further you can. Squeeze the water into your rectum. You don’t have to use all the water just use however much feels comfortable to you. IMPORTANT: don’t use too much water as that can stimulate a bowel movement which is not what you want. Also, DO NOT release the bulb until you remove it or it will suck the water back into the douche.


6. Sit on the toilet and release the water. Now you need to check the water, this may seem gross but you need to see if the water is clear. The water will not be clear the first time so flush and repeat steps 3-5. If the water still isn’t clear flush the toilet continue repeating steps 3-6 until the water is clear. Once the water is clear repeat the process one more time for good measure if the water is still clear you’re ready to move on to the next step. Generally this will take 3-4 “rounds” but it can take longer so don’t rush the process.

7. Sorry but you’re not quite done yet. Now take a shower and really clean your butt with soap and water. 

8. While you’re in the shower lube up your finger, make sure it is very clean, and stick it in your butt. Take it out and smell it, if it doesn’t smell then you are good to go. If it does smell you’ll need to go back to douching and try again. If you’ve douched 10 or more times and you still smell or the water isn’t clear it might not be a good day for you to bottom. Maybe it’s your turn to top?


Note the most common mistake people make when anal douching is not expelling all the water. If you don’t expel all the water when you are on the toilet the water will come out when you are having sex. It will look like the movies when a woman's water breaks and disgusting water will go everywhere- NOT SEXY.  So when you are sitting on the toilet give yourself an extra minute or two to make sure there’s no water left.


Using a Shower Douche

Using a shower douche isn’t much different than using a bulb douche. What you need to do first is set it up. Every shower douche is a little bit different to you should follow the instructions it came with to set it up. For most shower douches setup will require you take off your shower head and screw on the shower douche. The only part of the instructions above that changes is instead of squeezing the bulb you turn of the shower. I recommend you let the shower heat to a nice warm temperature, turn it off, lube the tip, insert if then turn the shower back on so the water is at the right temperature. Remember not to use too much water!


Important Takeaways

Use warm water, make sure it’s not too hot or too cold.

Don’t use anything besides water.

Don’t use too much water as that can cause a bowel movement, which trust me you really don’t want!


Happy Douching!