Want to be a better top. Try out these 10 tips to increase your pleasure, and your partners.

Tip for Tops

Want to be a better top. Try out these 10 tips to increase your pleasure, and your partners.

1. First things first, don’t skip the foreplay-

Your bottom does a lot to be ready for you to enter him. Respect that by giving him more than a quickie. Foreplay heightens arousal for both you and your partner as well as prolongs the experience. Explore his body and be sure to hit all his erogenous zones. Tease him until he’s begging you to penetrate him!

2. Use toys-

Some tops worry that is they use a toy their partner may like the toy more than their member. That’s simply not the case nothing can replace your wang. However, sex toys do create different sensations. Use the toys as part of your foreplay; challenge him, coach him, train his chute, and reward him. Or really surprise him by using to spice up your post sex play!


3. Use your tongue-

Using your tongue can be an unbelievable turn on, if you do it right. Vary up your patterns with light taps and deep penetration to drive him wild.

4. If you’re going to use your fingers, file your nails.

Lots of tops like to use their fingers as part of foreplay. It can be a great way to prepare your partner of penetration while giving him pleasure. But if you haven’t filed your nails then they can cut him which would put a real damper on the mood.

5. Get experimental different positions-

Sticking to the same position can be dull for you and your partner plus your favorite position might might not be your partner’s. There are tons of positions to try, so spice it up! If you want to try something even more different you can try furniture or bondage gear.

6. Vary your speed-

So you’re finally inside him. I know you want to go to town but you have to START SLOW. Anal sex can be painful so give your bottom a chance to adjust to you being inside him. Once he’s gotten used to you, start alternating between steady gentle thrust and harder spontaneous ones. Let the rhythm happen naturally as you and your partner move together.

7. Appreciate his body-

Being the bottom can put you in positions that aren’t the most flattering. Feeling less than sexy can make your bottom tighten up and can hurt your sex life. Make sure he knows just how sexy he is.

8. Let him guide you –

Open communication is key to being a good top. Like I said earlier being a bottom can hurt so let him guide you. Listen to what he likes and learn what feels good to him. Don’t just pay attention to what he says, listen to what he doesn’t say and his body language. Most importantly if you don’t know how he feels about something ask!!

9. Make sure he gets off-

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t be selfish.

10. Don’t rush out-

of him or the bedroom. First of all when you finish make sure you pull out slowly, pulling out too quickly can hurt as much as going in too quickly. Don’t rush out of his place too fast either. If you leave too quickly your man will end up feeling like a piece of meat so make sure you lay with him and kiss him so he knows how special he is to you.