There are so many myths and rumors that fly around about anal sex. They stem from a lack of understanding of anal sex. Check out the truth about these 7 common anal myths—learn the truth and keep yourself safe.

7 Anal Sex Myths Debunked

Recently there are less stigmas surrounding anal sex and more and more people are trying it, gay and straight. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions and rumors that surround it. Here is the truth about some of the anal sex myths I hear all the time.

1. Anal sex always hurts for the bottom.

Myth. Okay this is the one I hear the most often, but it’s not true. While anal sex can hurt a lot if it’s done incorrectly and can also be extremely pleasurable. Just be sure you are ready for anal sex. If you want to know how to prepare for bottoming check out this article that exlplains everything you need to know.

2. If it hurts the first time it will always hurt.

Myth. Just because bottoming hurt once or twice doesn’t mean it will always hurt. Try exploring on your own. Use your finger and toys and get your butt used to being penetrated. Then when you’re ready to try it with your partner again take it slow, remember to breathe, and use plenty of lube.

3. Being a bottom makes you less manly.

Myth. Every top needs a bottom and just because you bottom doesn’t make you any less of a man. If you ask me it takes are real man to take it up the butt. Go live your life and don’t be ashamed.

4. Anal sex is dangerous.

Myth, for the most part. The anus does contain bacteria but this is only harmful if it transferred to the mouth. Don’t take it out of your butt and put it directly into your mouth and be sure protect yourself from STDs.

5. You don’t need to use protection during anal sex.

It depends. STIs are more easily transmitted during anal sex. You should only bareback when you are in a monogamous relationship after you have both been tested.

6. Anal sex stretches you out permanently.

Myth. So there were rumors in the 70s that a bunch of gay men were losing control of their bowel movements because they had too much anal sex but that just an old wives tale. Some people believe, mistakenly, that because anal sex becomes easier over time their sphincter is stretching. The reality is that your muscles are becoming more flexible and you’re becoming more comfortable with anal sex. You’re not going to s#!t yourself the rest of your life I promise.

7. Anal is dirty (literally).

Myth. This is another one I hear All. The. Time. And it’s not true. The anus is the lower part of the rectum and your poop isn’t stored there so there is very little fecal matter there. Again that doesn’t mean you can’t transfer bacteria but it isn’t dirty. If you’re still worried about cleanliness consider douching.