Whether you’ve tried online dating or not we’ve all seen the sleazy and downright nasty “pick-up lines” I’m talking about. We picked the worst of the worst and put them on figurines from the 70s to mitigate the shock a little.

World's Grossest Gay Dating App Come-Ons (As Illustrated by Vintage 70's Figurines!)

Everyone who has ever spent more than five minutes on Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, or any other dating app has certainly gotten their fair share of revolting, absurd, and just downright nasty come-ons from potential suitors. We had fun scouring the internet for some of the icky-est. But to help mitigate the disgust, we decided to present them to you a la vintage figurines from the 70s! No more do they say "World's Greatest Dad" or "I Love You This Much." Instead they get right to the point, just like our fine, but inappropriate, online friends looking for a quick hook-up.