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Countless men have experienced the incredible sexual pleasure of the the male the P-Spot. Whether you are a beginner, a connoisseur, or anywhere in-between, AdamMale has a prostate toy perfect for you. Prostate stimulation is extremely pleasurable and it has health benefits!
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Your Prostate Health Guide!

The Prostate Gland

The prostate gland is a walnut shaped gland that produces a clear fluid that carries the sperm out of the body during ejaculation. Sometimes the gland is called the male g-spot or the “p-spot”. Regardless of sexual orientation, a man can have the most intense orgasm he’s ever had from having his prostate massaged with fingers or an anal sex toy. It’s always best to have a partner help explore the options.
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Finding the Prostate

Get your partner to feel the area just above your anus on your back when you are aroused. You should feel a lump right there. Pay attention to what turns you on when your partner massages the area, and the amount of pressure it takes. Prostate stimulation can also involve anal play. First of all go to the bathroom, and take a shower or even better get in the shower, and explore where your prostate gland is with your partner! Now that you are all washed up, lie on your back or in a position that is comfortable for you to engage in exploration. Make sure you’re turned on, so this doesn’t seem like it’s turning into a doctor’s visit, unless that turns you on! Get your partner to press like a door bell on your outer anal sphincter to relax you. For all you more adventuresome folks, get your partner to kiss and lick your anus. When you arevery relaxed, get them to gently insert one or two well lubricated fingers in your bum, and engage in a "come here" finger motion towards the front of your body. While this is going on, you or your partner can also stroke your penis with some lube or your partner can give you a blow job while you’re watching an Adam and Eve adult movie. When you orgasm your partner will be able to feel the prostate pulsing as they are massaging. Your luck will be that they may get turned on by its pulsing and want to do it every time!
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Stimulating the Prostate

Now that you know where the prostate gland is and how it works, let’s look at other possible tools of the trade. First off you’ll need a water-based lubricant. I want to say right now that you can never use too much lube. You can always use too little which would mean taking a risk of hurting your anus. Since all of this talk about prostate stimulation, adult sex toy makers have gotten into the business of making toys just for prostate massage! The prostate sex toys are curved on the end. The curved end on prostate massagers makes it easier to find a man’s prostate. You could also get your partner to penetrate your anus with a well lubed strap-on vibrator which allows for vigorous stimulation of the prostate. Some guys say this makes them orgasms even harder. If you still think butt play is not for you then try a vibrating sex toy like a Hitachi wand to press up underneath your balls while masturbating or getting some head.
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