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Internet Privacy Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is effective as of September 1, 2004. Modifications to this Policy may be made at any time. Consumers will be notified of any material change to this Policy by posting of the modified Policy here. By using or visiting this web site, you are accepting the practices described in this Policy.
  • Who are we?

    This web site is operated by PHE, Inc. AdamMale is a division of PHE.

  • How can we be reached?

    PHE, Inc.
    P.O. Box 800
    Carrboro, NC 27510

    Telephone: 1-888-270-MALE (6253) - (24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

  • What happens when you visit this web site?

    We receive and store certain types of information when you visit this web site, as described just below.

  • What consumer data is collected?

    When you visit this web site, we automatically collect the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet. We also automatically collect certain aggregate information on the pages consumers access or visit, the products viewed and shopped for and other information of an anonymous nature.

    If you volunteer information, we will also collect and analyze that information. This may happen when you complete a survey or site registration form, buy a product or service or communicate with us by phone, email or otherwise.The information you supply might include your name, email address, physical address, date of birth, telephone number, social security number and/or credit card information.We care about protecting the privacy of your credit card information.If you do supply us with credit card information, our payment processing system will encrypt that information during electronic transmission and only the encrypted information will be maintained in our database.

  • Will I be charged for my registration?

    Except with regard to entertainment web sites (as described below), you will not be charged for registering as a web site user or customer, and the request for your credit card number in registration is solely to keep minors from viewing explicit images.

    If this web site offers viewing of entertainment content online for a monthly or other recurring fee, your credit card may be charged as a result of your registration as a member or user of such a web site (and such charges may commence after a free promotional subscription period, if applicable).

  • Why is any information collected and how will it be used?

    The information we collect is used to improve the content of the web site, to notify consumers about updates to the web site, to fulfill online orders or requests, and to contact consumers for marketing purposes.

  • Is information shared with others?

    We value your privacy and will not share your personal information except as described below.

    Anonymous or demographic information may be shared with third parties on an aggregate basis.

    We may also share both personal and anonymous information with companies or individuals we engage to help us perform the services offered through this web site. For example, we may share information with packaging or shipping agents, computer service providers and credit card payment processors.Such companies and individuals will only be permitted to use your personal information in the performance of their assigned jobs for PHE.

    From time to time, we make your name, email address and postal address available to other organizations whose products or services we think you might find interesting. If you prefer that such information not be shared, you may exercise that option as described below.

    In special cases, we may disclose personal information when we believe it is necessary to prevent injury to the property or rights of PHE or any of our users or third parties, or when required by law or court order.

  • What if I don't want any email or postal mail sent to me?

    If you supply us with your email or postal address online, you may receive periodic information from us on new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not want to receive any email or postal mailings from us in the future, please let us know by accessing your
    My Account ” page and editing the status of this permission.

    If you do not want your email or postal address shared with third parties, you may select that option pertaining to email or postal mail in your “My Account ” section. Note that selecting the do-not-share option with respect to email and/or postal mail means we will not share this information except to the extent specifically allowed in this Policy (such as with our service providers or where required by law).

  • What if I don't want any phone calls made to me?

    Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers online may receive telephone contact from us with information regarding orders they have placed online. Please provide us with your correct phone number if you want to be contacted by phone. If you do not want to be called, please do not list your phone number.

  • Does this Policy apply to linked sites?

    This web site contains links to other sites. However, PHE is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites and this Policy does not apply to such linked sites. We encourage our users to be aware of when they leave this web site, and to read the privacy policies of other sites they visit.

  • How can I access my personal information to review it or to make changes?

    If you register as a user of this web site, you may review and update your name, email address, postal address and any other personally identifiable information which you provided to us by visiting the “My Account” section of the web site.

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Customer Service
  • How can I contact customer service?

    Please call Customer Service at 1-888-270-MALE (6253)

    Or write

    • Canadian Customers

      For customer service, including questions about returns, please call toll-free:
      1-888-270-MALE (6253).

    • International Customers

      For customer service, including questions about returns, please call our offices at:

  • What are your Customer Service hours?

    We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Will AdamMale appear on my credit card statement?

    No, 'PHE, INC' will appear on your credit cardstatement.

  • How do I find out about specials from AdamMale?

    Watch our website for weekly specials, free videos, sales, special discounts and more! Also, visit your My Account page to sign up for email offers we send only to our customers!

  • What is the time period of shipment?

    Normal mail delivery takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks via US Mail. For those who need to ship to a PO box and want express shipping, we offer Priority Mail, 2-3 day delivery for an additional $6.00 or Express Mail, 1-2 day delivery for an additional $14.00.

  • How discreet is the package once it arrives at my door?

    Our products are shipped out to you in sturdy plain, brown envelopes, with only our address on the mailing label.

  • I have moved and wish to stop catalogs from going to my old address?

    Just call us at 1-888-270-MALE (6253) with the name and address that appears on the mailing label of the catalog we will behappy to remove the old address from our mailing list.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

    If anything you order does not meet your expectations, let us know. We'll be glad to give you a replacement, an alternate selection, a credit voucher, or a complete refund. No questions asked!

  • Do you make substitutions for items shown on the website?

    Occasionally our manufacturers may discontinue or re-design a product we feature on the website. In those cases, we may substitute a similar item of equal or greater retail value in your order. All substitutions are covered by our triple satisfaction guarantee.

  • I like the idea of using a credit card on-line; however, whatis your security?

    Our websites, which run on state of the art Microsoft technologies, use SSL encryption, the highest form of encryption security available right now. Still not sure? Read more about security and encryption here .

  • Why do I have to give my credit card number to view your site?

    You are able to view our catalog without a credit card, however, to view a number of explicit pictures we ask for your credit card number to verify age and discourage minors from ordering. Your credit card will not be charged to view the site.

  • I tried to login and it won't let me, what is wrong?

    The problem could be as simple as not using lower case characters or it is probably the browser you are currently using. We suggest using the most recent versions of Netscapeor Internet Explorer.

  • I was trying to login and my password didn't work, can you find it?

    In the event that you forget your password, it canbe emailed to you. click through to our password finder page and enter the appropriate information.You can always reach this page through the My Account section of the website. We suggest that you:


    1. Write down your password and keep it in a safeplace.
    2. Use lower case letters and make it short (at least 7 characters)and simple, (using alpha and numeric characters).


  • What if I wish to no longer receive your catalogs?

    Follow this link to your My Account section and select the option to not receive printed catalogs. Your name will be removed from our list of catalog mailings. Once you've asked to be removed from our mailing list, it is very difficult to get back on it.

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This Site Is Secure For Credit Card Transactions

This site is secure from others stealing your creditcard information. Your credit card and personal information are code-encrypted for security.

      How can you tell if the order is secure?

It's easy. Check the on-line ordering form before submitting sensitive information.

If you use a Netscape browser,look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen for a little key icon (examples: Mac / PC). If the key is solid, not broken, your order information is secure. If it's broken, you are on a page that is not secure and you should not enter sensitive information on that page.

For Internet Explorer users, a small padlock appears in the lower right-hand corner of the web browser window (examples: Mac / PC). If the padlock is locked, not open, your order information issecure. If it's open, then you are on a page that is not secure, and you shouldn't enter sensitive information on that page.

There's a couple of other ways for you to check and see if the information you're about to transfer is on a secure connection. Make sure and look for the Paymentech seal (to the right)on our checkout pages. While you can't click on it here, clicking on it before sending your credit card information will show you Paymentech's guarantee that your information will be secure.

Another option to test the security of your browseris to right-click (Windows), or click and hold (Macintosh), and select Properties (Internet Explorer) or "View Info"(Netscape) to see more information about the page and its security. Click here to see an example from Internet Explorer as to what you should look for to verify that a page is secure.

Remember this: pages which do not ask you to enter and send information will likely not be secure, so be sure you are on an 'order information' page before checking. It's alwaysa good idea to check for the whole key or closed padlock before you hit the button on the screen that says 'send' or 'submit.'

Shopping On The Internet: Fact & Fantasy

Shop with confidence. Your personal information will not be read by anyone else.

For many customers, one of the greatest fears about shopping on the Internet is having your credit card number stolen and credit rating ruined with unauthorized purchases.

This fear is a myth.

Shopping directly on the Internet is a new way ofdoing business. It's easy to fear the unknown, especially when it comes to your money.

But how about these situations?


      1. A crook finds credit card receipt carbons in astore trash can, uses the numbers and then sells them to another crook, who uses the numbers and resells them to another crook who resells them.
      2. You hand your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant, who then leaves with it to prepare your bill. Or is he calling in his order to another catalog company?
      3. You dial up your cellular or cordless phone to order shoes from a catalog, and your next door neighbor picks up your information on her baby monitor?


All of the above (and other scenarios) happen everyday. They illustrate a point. All the talk about 'Internet security' is blown out of proportion. How often do you hear about the anxiety of using your credit card in a restaurant? Or about the danger of allowing a hotel front-desk clerk to confirm your room?

      Why all the fuss about the security risks of shopping on the Internet?

As far as we know, not a single dollar has been lost to electronic theft of a credit card over the Internet. Compare that with the millions lost every year just in conventional credit card fraud, and you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.

When you shop on-line with a merchant who offers a Secure Server, all the information you give (name, address,credit card number) is encrypted. That means your information goes out as code. If a hacker could get it, it would likely be gibberish. Your credit card never leaves your hand, it is never picked up by monitors or scanners, and receipts are never found in a trash can.

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My Wish List Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a My Wish List?

    A My Wish List is a convenient place for you to store items that you are interested in but aren't sure you want to purchase yet.

    Or, perhaps you want to share some of the items you've found while browsing with some of your friends. Maybe you want to let your significant other know what to get you to get you in the mood! You can also let your friends know what to get you for that totally outrageous bachelor or bachelorrette party to make it a night you'll never forget.

    No matter how you choose to use it, the My Wish List is here to help you get everything you want from

  • How do I add an item to my My Wish List?

    To add an item to your My Wish List, find the “Add to Wishlist” button on any product page and click it. You will then be prompted to choose the list you'd like to add it to.

  • How many My Wish Lists can I have?

    You can create 1 My Wish Lists. You can edit or delete a My Wish List at any time.

  • I keep trying to delete “My My Wish List,” but it won't go away!

    You always get to have a My Wish List so that you can add items to it at your convenience. We create a new, blank “My My Wish List” for you whenever yours is deleted if that's the only My Wish List you have. To permanently delete “My My Wish List,” simply create a new My Wish List not named “My My Wish List” and then delete the old “My My Wish List.”

  • How do I share a My Wish List with my friends?

    It's simple! You can share a My Wish List by visiting the Share Your My Wish List page. On that page is a form you can submit that will send an email to the email addresses you specify. In that email will be a link to your My Wish List on the site and will explain to the person you sent the email to what the link is and why they received the email.

  • How will they know the email is from me?

    The 'From:' address on the email that we send them will be the email address you registered with so that they will know it's from you.

  • I've come to a My Wish List that says it has been deleted. Why is that?

    Sometimes a user will decide to delete a My Wish List after they've sent you an invitation to come view it. In that case, we want you to know so you can contact your friend and find out what happened or you can create your own My Wish List and share it with them!

  • How do I buy something for someone from their My Wish List?

    To purchase an item for someone from their My Wish List, simply click on the “Add to Cart” button to the right of the item you want to purchase. If you want to send this package directly to the person you're purchasing the item for, make sure to click the checkbox in the middle of the page. Otherwise you will have the option to have the item sent to you or to another address that you specify.

  • I don't see items I put in my My Wish List! Where did they go?

    Sometimes items get removed from our online database or we no longer carry them. So, in order to make things as easy as possible for you, we remove them from the online catalog entirely, including in your My Wish List. If it comes back to our catalog, we'll make sure to add it back to your My Wish List!

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Guide to Safe Sex
  • Why should you practice safe sex?

    Safe sex is about saving your life, or the lifeof your partner.

    Because of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), everyone should know about safer sex. HIV (Human ImmunodeficiencyVirus -- the precursor to the AIDS virus) can infect anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, sex, age, race, or economic class. While the occurrence of AIDS is much higher in some groups than in others, it is not WHO you are that can give you AIDS, but what you DO.

    Safe Sex Is:

    - Total abstinence from sex with other people.
    - A monogamous relationship.
    - The use of condoms.

    If you say:

    'I only intend to sleep with healthy people so I don't need to use condoms.'

    You should know:

    You can't tell just by looking at somebody whether they have HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. It can be unwise to believe everything that a new partner says about their sex life. One doesn't know whether one is infected unless they had an HIV test more than 3 months ago and have not had sex, or have practiced safer sex since. (Don't forget the risks from sharing needles as well.)

    If you say:

    'When I've been drinking I can't be bothered using condoms.'

    You should know:

    Drinking or not, you can still carry condoms with you. Certainly it is more difficult to think logically when you've been drinking. Keep in mind: 'Only have sex using condoms.'

    If you say:

    'I hate condoms. I lose my hard-on when I use them.'

    You should know:

    This is a common fear for many men. How about finding time to practice on your own with condoms, and try different varieties to find one that suits you? Some other good ideas worth trying are putting on the condom with the help of your partner.

    If you say:

    'It feels wrong to be using them with my partner. It's too late to start now.'

    You should know:

    It's never too late to start using condoms, and safe sex is one way to show that you care about each other.

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