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Finding And Enjoying The Male “P-Spot”


The Prostate Or Male P-Spot


Men, it’s time to discover that wonderful erogenous zone known as the male G-spot, or in this case the “P-spot.” The prostate gland is roughly the size of a walnut, and is responsible for secreting a protective fluid for sperm that is expelled with the body during ejaculation in the form of semen. However, when stimulated properly it is also responsible for triggering highly intense orgasms.  Unlike the female equivalent, it’s also relatively easy to find.  Whether you explore it on your own, or with a partner, the prostate can become your new secret weapon when it comes to getting off!


Just Where Is That Thing: Finding the Prostate


The most important aspect for first time prostate exploration is to be as comfortable as possible. You may want to go to the bathroom first, enjoy an anal douche or shower, or even use the tub as a backdrop. Lying on your back can be the most relaxing position and the easiest for beginners. However, since you are the one most familiar with your body go with the position that is best for you. Raising your legs by placing your feet flat against the wall, or elevating them with a pillow can also help to give you easier access. Start by having you or your partner use a finger to gently feel the area just above your anus. Massage the perineum or “taint” region. You may feel a lump under the skin and when you do, apply different strengths of pressure on that region to see what turns you on from the outside. Then, you will want to lube up a finger and gently insert it into your backdoor. The prostate is located about two inches inside the front side of your anus. Probe with your finger until you hit that walnut sized bump and use a “come here” finger motion to softly tap until you become accustomed to the feel. Once you have found the magic button so to speak, it’s time to get down to orgasmic business.


I’ve Found it…Now What? Stimulating the Prostate


Once you’ve found the prostate, the fun can really begin. If you’re not in the mood for anal penetration, you can rely on the finger massage and press technique, or why not try a vibe pressed under your balls for extra sensation?  If a little butt play is what you’re after, fingers are fine. However, with focus now on the “P-spot” growing more popular, so are your sexual options. Prostate toys are readily available in a wide selection of styles and functions. Specifically designed to hit your sweet spot, they’re a great addition to your collection. Curved dildos, strap-ons and vibrators are also another way to spice things up, as well as a good old- fashioned sex session. Throw a hand or blow job into the mix when stimulating the prostate and you’ll really see stars. Just remember to use plenty of lube, relax, get comfortable, and most of all have fun.    Continue Shopping

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