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Dear Venus,

I just got out of a five-year relationship with my ex, and I’ve  hopped back on the bandwagon and started dating again. Unfortunately,  the last few guys that I’ve gone out with wanted me to put out on our  first date, and I just don’t think I’m that kind of guy. I’m horny all the time, but I feel like guys are going to think I’m a slut if I’m too easy: I know how much gay men like to talk.

The trouble is, I either can’t seem to get a second date! When I leave a guy high and dry after a night out, they never call me back. How can I get a guy to make a second date without having to give it up on the first?

-Old Fashioned in Minneapolis

It is so refreshing to see that at least someone in this world doesn’t have the morals of an alley cat.  Although I must admit that THIS kitty has seen more cocks than a poultry plant!

In this age of promiscuity, I think it is wonderful that you are sticking to your guns when it comes to sex.  There are plenty of sluts out there, and let the guys you’ve been dating have them!  You don’t want to cheapen yourself or compromise your values.  If they cannot wait, they are not worth waiting for!  I know it’s hard being on the dating circuit after five years, but you WILL find the right person. Besides, when you get horny you can always give your right (or left) hand a call.  I’m sure it won’t say a word if you decide to rub one out. And as far as those man whores who haven’t called you back?  Tell them to give old Venus a call.  I’ll set them straight. MEOW!

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