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Dear Venus,

My boyfriend has always told me he is bisexual, but we have been having sex with just each other since we met. He now wants to mix things up and is interested in having a three some, which will include a female. I only want to do this to satisfy him, but I am afraid he is going to like sex with a woman better and will want to continue to do this. What should I do?

Gentle Reader,


If you’re saying your boyfriend is bisexual, that means at some point he has chowed down on a tuna taco and liked it. Otherwise he would not want to do it again. With that being said, he knows what he wants. He wants the best of both worlds. The real issue here is what do YOU want. If you’re willing to share him with the skank ‘ho he brings to your bedroom, then you need to be prepared to out suck, out screw, and all-around out maneuver the little tramp so he’ll never want girl pussy again! If you are not prepared to share, then you need to tell him exactly how you feel. If he still pushes the issue, then you’ll know he’ll always want a taste of pink, and you need to find yourself a new “dick only” dude.

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