K-Y Duration Desensitizer Gel

K-Y Duration Desensitizer Gel

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Product Description

Go Long and Hard For Full Throttle Thrusting!


From the #1 Doctor Recommended Personal Lubricant Brand

Prove to him that you’re all that any man can wish for with your strength and endurance! K-Y Duration Male Desensitizer gentle numbing formula takes the edge off, so you can last long and enjoy the moment. One handy bottle contains 36 pumps!

  • Male desensitizing gel in handy pump bottle
  • Gently numbs and soothes to prolong your performance & pleasure
  • Formulated with active ingredient Benzocaine USP 7%, an FDA-approved desensitizer
  • Apply a pump of gel onto the head and shaft of the penis
  • Allow gel to dry prior to intercourse
  • Use up to 4 times per day
  • Compatible with latex condoms and K-Y lubricants (when used as directed)
  • 36 pumps in one handy 0.16 fl. oz. bottle

Last longer and make sex mind-blowing! Apply just a pump of K-Y Duration Male Desensitizer Gel to the head and shaft of the penis. The smooth gel spreads evenly and dries fast, so you can enjoy a spontaneous round of marathon pleasure – without any of the waiting around or planning needed with pills or other enhancement supplements.

You get up to 36 pleasure sessions in one handy bottle. After intercourse, just wash off. Please note that K-Y Duration Gel is not for oral use, and shouldn’t be used more than 4 times per day.


Active ingredient: Benzocaine USP 7%.Inactive ingredients: carbomer homopolymer type B, polyethylene glycol

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